Thanks to our international network, our knowledge of local markets and our contacts with various exporters, M2G Product Protection Systems Consultancy Marketing Inc. helps you to supply the right products or services with the Medical, Hygiene, Perfumery product groups. Our main markets are: Europe, West Asia, Middle East, America and North Africa. We ensure that the products we market are in compliance with European standards, ASTM, CE, EN standards and preferably FDA certified.

Defense Industry

Our company provides strategic products within the MLG Group of Companies

that are unique in the international arena which is used effectively in high security areas such as border posts, border posts, military-civilian ports and airports, arsenals, entrances, as well as in search and rescue activities, field operations by law enforcement and special units.


M2G Product Protection Systems Consultancy Marketing Inc. provides national and international consultancy services on product consultancy, entrepreneurship, security and corporate management. Consultancy and training services are provided to domestic and foreign public and private institutions and organizations by expert and experienced academicians and professionals within the MLG Group of Companies.

Product Consulting;

One of the most important thing for new entrepreneurs to be successful in business is to choose the right product. We provide consultancy support to enable entrepreneurs, who are new to medical protective goods sales, or who have just begun to work with the right product, to find the cost-effective and quality product, to discover the product that will make a difference in the market and to market the products effectively.


It covers the consultancy and training services that business owners want to develop their existing businesses, entrepreneurs who have a project idea and who want to start their own business, in establishing business, developing their business and business.The main goal of the program we practice is to train internal entrepreneurs who will lead innovation. The program, which focuses on increasing new work development effort in employee management, also focuses on empowering employees who take part in departments responsible for entrepreneurship and innovation in companies.


VIP Protection (Pedestrian, Vehicle, Residence, Protection in the Social Environment), Patrol Services, Environmental Security, Establishment of Movement Styles Security in Guard Sites, Guarding staff issues. Support you on Weapon Information and Shooting Trainings, Risk Analysis of Critical and Extraordinary Culvert Structures, Personal Protective Security Measures.